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All CMG professional writers, regardless of experience or work environment, produce excellent work in a professional manner.

CMG's screenwriters and authors write for film, television, literary, and graphic novel/comic industries.  Through individual and monthly group meetings the CMG screenwriters all know each other and have created a working team environment. 




Writers critique each other and give notes on every script.  CMG and all its clients are working members of various local screenwriting groups.  CMG writers firmly believe that every writer can and will grow through interactions with writers of various ethnics, races, sexual orientations, religions, experiences, backgrounds, educations, and points of view.  Further, working as a team allows each writer to feel at place in a team environment, mirroring a TV writers room.  CMG encourages writers to:


  • follow a strict writing routine daily

  • utilize and comply with recognized industry standards

  • seek criticism from professional writers, TV executives, coaches, and fellow CMG writers

  • accept NOTES with grace and appreciation

  • work in a team environment




CMG encourages, works personally with each CMG writer, and provides assistance to create a branding plan.  In today's marketplace every writer needs to participate and foster their own careers.  The days of the "agent or manager" finding all the work for a writer is now in the past.




CMG forms a team with its writers to create a marketing plan.  Implementation of the writer's personal marketing plan is controlled by the writer; however, CMG will provide any assistance possible.




CMG encourages its writers to network in Hollywood and other writing communities. The specific networking needs of every writer are unique, so CMG helps its writers with information and advice.



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